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Excavation & Grading

grading and excavation north carolina

John H. Wilson and Son Grading and Paving, Inc has been providing grading services in the North Carolina Area as a licensed contractor for the last almost 70 years. Our team has extensive experience in handling mass excavations of large properties or complex situations in tighter environments. We have a fleet of equipment and teams of operators who can handle any earth moving or excavating needs.

Grading is crucial both for the structure as well as the area surrounding it. Improper grading could mean that water can accumulate under the structure over time and cause soil erosion. This would lead to a major problem down the road.

We are early adopters of technology without overlooking the fact that the effective use of technology needs a skilled workforce to make accurate decisions. We make use of cutting edge technology for our excavations and grading with the latest in GPS grading technology to speed production and ensure accuracy. Our highly skilled and trained staff have years of experience in operating in complex and demanding excavation and grading requirements. They provide a ‘common sense’ approach to changing field conditions, ensuring a project that meets the owner’s conceptual idea.

Grading work photos in North carolina
Grading work photos in North carolina
Grading work photos in North carolina

grading north carolina